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Chauncey D. Reese

Dean of Instruction

Sam Houston High School

Educator of the Month 

With great pleasure, Great Minds in STEM extends its sincerest congratulations to Dr. Chauncey D. Reese for his well-deserved recognition as Educator of the Month. Dr. Chauncey D. Reese is currently the Dean of Instruction at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Texas, and has devoted 22 years to the field of education, excelling in his favorite subjects of reading/language arts and Spanish. Growing up as a “military brat” on various military installations in Germany and New Mexico, Dr. Chauncey’s parents’ service in the US Army and US Air Force instilled in him values of discipline and resilience. Graduating from Cameron University, University of Phoenix, and Walden University with degrees in Elementary Education, Curriculum & Technology, and Teacher Leadership, respectively, Dr. Chauncey’s unwavering dedication to his profession and his students has made him an outstanding figure in the education community. Great Minds in STEM proudly acknowledges his remarkable achievements and expresses deepest appreciation for his tireless commitment to educate young minds, as he continues to inspire and shape the future generations.

Dr. Chauncey D. Reese had influential people who shaped his career as an educator. Despite facing tough challenges, he never gave up and reached his current position. Growing up, he changed schools frequently due to military reassignments, which made it difficult for him to adjust to new cultures and systems. However, his Senior English teacher, Mrs. Rhonda Johnson, became his guiding light. She provided him with stability, confidence, and motivation, recognizing his talent for writing and speech communication. She encouraged him to participate in contests and competitions to improve his skills and succeed. Moving around a lot as a child and being an only child presented many obstacles for Dr. Reese, making it difficult for him to make and keep friends. It wasn’t until college that he realized the importance of developing soft skills like communication and collaboration, especially when he switched to elementary education. To overcome this, he joined student organizations, took on leadership roles, and engaged in group projects. Now, Mr. Reese leads and supervises teams, manages significant projects, and helps others develop their leadership abilities as a mentor, coach, and consultant. The empathy he gained in his early years allows him to inspire and guide teams, set goals, create plans to improve student achievement, and drive positive change. We deeply admire Dr. Chauncey D. Reese at Great Minds in STEM for his dedication and collaboration with us. In 2023, he and his exceptional students participated in our Great Minds in STEM Viva Technology Programs. Dr. Reese’s contributions to education are truly commendable. One interesting thing about him is his passion for music, which he uses to teach and connect with students. As a bilingual/ESL teacher, he incorporates cultural music to expose learners to different cultures and promote understanding. Students are amazed by his knowledge of popular artists and songs, and music helps him stay connected with the youth and their interests. Dr. Chauncey’s ability to infuse music into his teaching demonstrates his creativity and commitment to inclusivity. He shows us how a simple love for music can create a welcoming learning environment. His achievements serve as an inspiration to educators everywhere, reminding us of the profound impact we can make on our students by embracing their interests and cultural connections. Dr. Chauncey’s approach highlights the power of music as a universal language that bridges gaps and nurtures deeper understanding among diverse learners. Congratulations Dr. Reese!