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Daisy Helguera

Math Teacher and Co-Department Chair at Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy

Roosevelt High School

Educator of the Month 

It is with great pleasure that Great Minds in STEM extends our sincerest congratulations to Ms. Daisy Helguera for her well-deserved recognition as Educator of the Month. Ms. Helguera is a Math teacher and Co-Department Chair at Math, Science and Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School with 12 years of dedicated service. Ms. Daisy grew up in Boyle heights, and she successfully graduated from Cal State University, Los Angeles, making her the STEM hero in her family as the first college attendee. Ms. Helguera’s expertise in math has helped students grasp complex concepts and raise their STEM education. Her excellence and passion for education makes her an asset to the school whom she graduated from, and a true inspiration to fellow educators.

Great Minds in STEM would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Helguera for her inspiring service in assisting her neighborhood and making a difference in the lives of students by teaching STEM. Ms. Helguera’s journey is an inspiring example of the power of determination and perseverance. She used the resources available in her school’s college corner to overcome the challenges associated with her family’s lack of familiarity with the higher education system. Ms. Helguera successfully navigated the complexities of the college application process with the help of her school counselor. This demonstrates the transformative power of education and emphasizes the importance of easily accessible college counselor support systems for students pursuing academic goals. Fortunately, Ms. Helguera enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles, which provided her with the opportunity to participate in the Educational Opportunity Programs’ summer bridge program. This life-changing experience not only provided her with essential essay-writing skills, but it also improved her mathematical proficiency, preparing her for the challenges of higher education.

Ms. Helguera’s significant contributions to the field of STEM education deserve special recognition. Furthermore, we’d like to highlight an intriguing aspect of Ms. Helguera’s professional journey: her love of working with 2D design. She recently decided to expand her skill set by reaching into the scope of 3D design, adding another dimension to her repertoire. Once again, we congratulate Ms. Daisy Helguera on this remarkable achievement, and we are confident that she will continue to inspire her students to achieve greater heights of success.