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Suengmee Seo

John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School

On behalf of Great Minds in STEM, we would like to congratulate Ms. Suengmee Seo on her selection as our Educator of the Month. Ms. Seo is currently a teacher at John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School and has over twenty-five years of experience serving and educating students.

Ms. Seo was born in the Seoul area of South Korea and moved to the United States when she was only nine years old. Her childhood was spent primarily in the city of Bell in California. For her college education, she attended Cal Poly Pomona where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Chemistry. Additionally, she earned her teaching credentials from Cal Poly Pomona as well. For her Master’s in Administration, she attended California State University, Los Angeles.

At GMiS, it makes no difference where you come from because we understand the value that an education holds anywhere in the world. Ms. Seo is a true representation of this fact as her inspiration to become an educator came from her hometown in South Korea, where teaching is highly valued. Ms. Seo came to America and chose to pursue her dream of becoming an educator for this country. She recalls that one of her biggest challenges was being slightly introverted as a student and educator, but with time and practice as a teacher, she was able to get over her shyness and impart her love of science with her students.

Ms. Seo was also one of the leading teachers to bring some of her students from Marshall Fundamental to the 2022 GMiS Conference Viva Technology Program. She gave her students the opportunity to participate and learn about STEM while being inspired and taught by College Captains and The Boeing Company professionals.

Great Minds in STEM is delighted to congratulate Ms. Suengmee Seo once more on being named Educator of the Month. We believe that everyone is born with a talent, and Ms. Seo has shown that her talent emerges from her ability to transmit all of her STEM knowledge to her wonderful students. “Educators make a living by doing what they are paid to do, but great educators make a life by providing excellent instruction to their students”. Thank you, Ms. Seo!