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Jorge Reyes

Mathematics and Computer Science

Los Arboles Middle School

On behalf of Great Minds in Stem, we would like to congratulate Mr. Jorge Reyes on his selection as our Educator of the Month. Mr. Reyes currently teaches Mathematics and Computer Science at Los Arboles Middle School in Marina, California and has spent over fourteen years serving and educating STEM students. Mr. Reyes grew up in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, where he completed his K-12 education before attending Cal State University, Los Angeles, where he graduated as an Electrical Engineer.

Great Minds in STEM believes that in order to achieve your goals and dreams of pursuing a STEM career, you must begin at an early age. However, we recognize that some students face greater challenges than others in completing their STEM career, which is why we value wonderful educators like Mr. Reyes, who sacrificed everything in life to complete his STEM career. Mr. Reyes found it difficult to complete his higher education while working multiple jobs and working graveyard shifts, which led him to make the difficult decision of dropping everything he was working hard on at that moment. He left the state in order to discover what he truly wanted to do with his life. However, Mr. Reyes decided that the best thing to do was to return and finish what he started, and after thirteen years of diligent work, he was able to obtain his degree in Electrical Engineering. His knowledge empowered him to tutor and teach a summer bridge program at Cal State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), where he quickly developed a passion and a pleasant feeling for teaching and was inspired to work as an educator. Mr. Reyes believes that “the teacher life chose him,” and as a result, he gives it his all every day at work. Many students enjoy his way of teaching because he has the ability to present his teaching material in the best way possible. Some of his students even call him a “nerd” for obsessing over numbers and randomly yelling “It’s Pi Time” when it’s 3:14 PM.

Great Minds in STEM would like to congratulate Mr. Jorge Reyes once more on being named Educator of the Month. It’s amazing to follow his professional development over the years. Every day, Mr. Jorge demonstrates that he is an incredible leader and one of the most passionate educators in the field of STEM education. At GMiS we admire his perseverance and hard work during the time with us