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Home » All News » GMiS 2021 STEM Hero Spotlight: Capt. Arturo L. Urquieta of the U.S. Air Force

GMiS 2021 STEM Hero Spotlight: Capt. Arturo L. Urquieta of the U.S. Air Force

Congratulations Captain Arturo Urquieta of the U.S. Air Force, recipient of a 2021 STEM Hero Award!

Captain Arturo Urquieta’s leadership and expertise have guided the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing through many technically challenging situations. He accomplished a complete rebuild of the local classified network, partnering with multiple outside organizations and technical experts in the process.  He also led a team that developed and executed an installation plan to support the Base Information Transport Infrastructure’s $1 billion-dollar contract to renovate the infrastructure base-wide.  Each of these were massive undertakings for a well-manned and technically proficient team, but an even bigger feat when the resources and manpower are limited and Airman at your disposal newly-trained – challenges Capt. Urquieta navigated masterfully.  

Capt. Urquieta, whose call-sign is “Turbo,” has already impressed his superior officers. One commented that “Turbo is a phenomenal officer, leader and Airman. Any task that he is provided, he goes above and beyond. He holds himself to such an incredibly high standard, that he becomes the standard on which to measure and to whom I point my squadron as someone to emulate.” 

Capt. Urquieta and the other 8 STEM Heroes will be featured at “Commitment to Country,” the professional awards showcase scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, during week 2 of the GMIS Conference.