GMiS 2021 Award Winner Spotlight: Lidaris San Miguel Rivera, Ph.D. of Dow Chemical

Congratulations to Lidaris San Miguel Rivera, Ph.D. of Dow Chemical, recipient of the 2021 HENAAC Award for Professional Achievement Level I! Dr. San Miguel Rivera is a chemist and senior scientist in Dow’s Silicone business. Since joining Dow in 2008, she has used her Chemistry expertise and personal drive to lead the development of many unique, innovative solutions… Read More »GMiS 2021 Award Winner Spotlight: Lidaris San Miguel Rivera, Ph.D. of Dow Chemical

GMiS 2021 Award Winner Spotlight

Professional Achievement IMarvi Matos Rodriguez, Ph.D.The Boeing Company Congratulations to Marvi Matos Rodriguez, Ph.D. of the Boeing Company for her selection as a 2021 HENAAC Award Honoree!  Dr. Matos Rodriguez is an award-winning scientist and engineer with over 19 years of experience developing novel thermal protection materials used in rockets. Dr. Matos will… Read More »GMiS 2021 Award Winner Spotlight

Rosa Avalos Chumpitazi

The Boeing Company Rosa Avalos Chumpitazi works for NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) Program in Houston Texas, where she serves as a Mechanisms and Operations Engineer for The Boeing Company. Born in a small village in Lima Peru, Rosa was raised by loving parents who… Read More »Rosa Avalos Chumpitazi

Esther L. Andras

Disneyland Resort Esther Andras is currently a Principal Architect AIS for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. She was born in New Jersey, to loving parents who immigrated from the Philippines at a young age and met in the U.S. They were incredible role models… Read More »Esther L. Andras

LTJG Jesuar I. Smith

United States Coast Guard Lieutenant Junior Grade Jesuar Smith graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 2012 where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Computer Analysis. Upon receiving his commission as a Coast Guard officer, he reported to the… Read More »LTJG Jesuar I. Smith