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Jewish American Heritage Month

Great Minds in STEM Honors Jewish American Heritage Month 2024!

Jewish Americans are as embroidered into the fabric of American culture and society as any other community. Their outsized contributions to the STEM fields in the 20th century in particular are responsible for foundational advances that frame our modern understanding of the universe, and giants like Einstein, Feynman, and Sagan loom large in the American consciousness to this day. The contributions of Hispanic Jews both in the United States and across Latin America have been equally profound and instrumental, and their stories provide a rich reminder of the complex and diverse nature of the history of the New World. 

We’ve compiled a series of resources that provide a glimpse of the history of this vibrant community and highlight some of the accomplishments of Jewish Americans and Hispanic Jews past and present – including profiles of three individuals from Great Minds in STEM’s pantheon of past HENAAC Award Winners: