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Connect directly with GMiS Scholars & CAHSI Students!

The GREAT news is that GMiS has already received scholarship applications climbing back up to our traditional numbers served! With greater demand, GMiS is working on awarding as many scholarships as possible! Together, we can make a difference, once stellar student at a time.  

The win-win at Great Minds in STEM, is that we meet merit and need. All GMiS STEM Scholars have a minimum 3.0 GPA; are enrolled in an accredited STEM/health degree-seeking program; and are either of Hispanic descent or demonstrate significant service and leadership within the Hispanic community. 

Offering a scholarship can assist with attracting and retaining technical talent, foster philanthropy, create brand awareness, further diversity, equity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and everything in between, providing a huge return on investment for entities while also making a real difference in students’ lives. 

Corporations, government agencies, affinity groups and individuals are invited to support the academic pursuit of GMiS STEM Scholars at our 35th Anniversary Conference “Recharging America with Our Youth,” taking place October 11-14, 2023, in Pasadena. CA. 

The GMiS Scholars Program

GMiS Scholarships $1,000 – $10,000 Per Student  

GMiS offers four categories of GMiS STEM Scholarships:  

1) Corporate/Government Scholarships 
2) Special Recognition Scholarships 
3) In Memoriam & Tribute Scholarships
4) Scholar-Intern Scholarships  

Overall, the GMiS Scholarship Program has awarded more than $5.6 million in merit-based or STEM Civic Service Leadership Scholarships to over 2,000 college students pursuing a STEM, medical or health-related degree.

Sponsorship Opportunity: 

• Access to high-caliber STEM students
• Access to student resumes 
• Award scholars at the Pinning Ceremony at the Conference
• Reserved seating at the Student Leadership Awards
• Logo on the GMiS website, conference collateral & social media 


The Computer Alliance Hispanic Serving Institutions

(CAHSI) Summit will once again take place in collaboration with the GMiS Conference.  

CAHSI Luncheon $40,000  

[4 slots available at $10,000]  

This event brings together CAHSI faculty and students. Corporate sponsors are invited to share information about their organization and meet with students during table rotations after lunch. A keynote speaker will be identified in consultation with the event’s sponsors. Student participation is estimated at 250-300.  

CAHSI Cybersecurity Workshops $30,000   

[3 slots available at $10,000] 

CAHSI Cybersecurity workshop’s training is a mandatory session that serves as preparation prior to the Hackathon. Students learn about the tools, approaches, and methods that adversaries use to exploit vulnerabilities. Students get hands-on experience related to real-life cybersecurity scenarios that include pivoting attacks, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, route hijacking, and memory corruption. The sponsors will have an opportunity to collaborate with CAHSI trainers and participate as coaches during the session. 

Machine Learning Workshop $10,000    

[2 slots available at $5,000]  

Participants of this workshop will learn and apply fundamental machine learning concepts through a series of hands-on activities. Students will discover why machine learning has become one of the most influential and widespread technologies in modern society. Participants will learn how machine learning problems are framed, acquiring a basic understanding of how artificial neural networks work. *Session is limited to 60-80 students for optimal virtual management. 

Celebration of CAHSI Research Students $20,000    

[4 slots available at $5,000]  

The Celebration of CAHSI Research Students will include a Graduate Student Panel, the announcement of the 2023 Google-CAHSI Dissertation Awardees, and a mixer for faculty and student researchers. CAHSI faculty and all CAHSI students who are involved in UG research experiences or in graduate studies are welcome to attend. The panel will be led by CAHSI graduate students who will share their experiences, insights, and advice about graduate school. Participants will learn how to apply to graduate school, how to balance graduate school and life, research and writing, networking, and mentoring. Sponsors will have the opportunity to provide opening remarks regarding the value of a graduate education in their organizations.

Branding Opportunities 

Lounge Area $7,500 

While students are in transition from interviews, seminars, and other events, provide a relaxed environment for students to unwind and network with each other. Logo will be prominent in this area and sponsors can showcase promotional items. 

Charging Station $5,000 

Each provide an essential and popular service to conference attendees who need to charge their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, while gaining great exposure for your organization. 

Tote Bags $20,000  

[2 slots available at $10,000] 

All registered conference attendees will receive conference tote bags, which will hold conference sponsor promotional materials. These sturdy tote bags are a popular take home souvenir.

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