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Angelica Mayoral

Absence Intervention and Prevention Specialist

Rose City High School

Educator of the Month 

On behalf of Great Minds in STEM, we are pleased to extend our warmest congratulations to Ms. Angelica Mayoral for being selected as our Educator of the Month. Ms. Mayoral currently serves as an Absence Intervention and Prevention Specialist at Rose City High School in Pasadena, California, where she has dedicated the past five years to the education and mentorship of her students. Raised partly in Mexico and partly in Pasadena, Ms. Mayoral exemplifies the potential of Hispanic women to achieve great success in life. She has completed her studies at UCSD with a title in Spanish Translation/Interpretation; moreover, she has now embarked on a new academic journey by pursuing a degree in Business at Pasadena City College, demonstrating that it is never too late to continue one’s education.  

GMiS recognizes that there are hardships that students may face, especially in underserved communities, to go to college right after high school. Due to the presence of exceptional educators such as Ms. Mayoral, students in underserved communities can receive the necessary assistance, STEM exposure and positive inspiration to pursue an education beyond high school. Although Ms. Mayoral was unable to pursue college immediately after completing high school, she recognized the importance of personal preparation to effectively serve her community. With a resolute commitment to the field of education, Ms. Angelica Mayoral has demonstrated an unrelenting passion for guiding students towards success, irrespective of the challenges they may face. Having pursued two distinct careers over a span of 27 years, she has arrived at the conclusion that her true calling lies at Rose City High School. Ms. Mayoral states, “Working at Rose City has been the best decision of my life.” 

Great Minds in STEM would like to congratulate Ms. Angelica Mayoral once more on being named Educator of the Month. At GMiS, we admire her perseverance and hard work in collaborating with us and bringing her amazing students to the Great Minds in Stem Conference in 2022. It’s incredible to watch her professional development over the years, and it’s just as incredible that she has run a 5K marathon in support of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. She continued to challenge herself by deciding to run a 10K marathon and going back to school. She sets the perfect example that you must never stop running for your dreams and goals! Thank you, Ms. Mayoral!