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Meet the winners of the GMiS 2021 Research Poster Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the GMiS 2021 Conference Research Poster Competition, sponsored by Boeing, NASA, Air Force STEM, and the SoCalGas Company!

The Research Poster Competition provides graduate and undergraduate students from traditionally underserved and underrepresented ethnic or racial groups in science, engineering, computer, and health-related disciplines the opportunity to compete and/or showcase their scientific and technical projects to top STEM professionals.

This year, GMiS had a record-breaking 95 entries, all of which were made possible by our Research Poster Competition sponsors – The Boeing Company, NASA Headquarters, Air Force STEM (or Research Laboratory), and the Southern California Gas Company.  

Meet the winners:

Graduate – Math/Science

1st Place

Computer Vision for High-Throughput Quantitative Genetics for Yield Components and Disease Resistance in Sweet Corn

Juan M. Gonzalez

Doctoral Candidate, Agricultural Sciences

University of Florida

Graduate – Engineering

1st Place

Modeling of Separation Processes to Scale-Up the Production of Corn Stover to Biojetfuel

Marco Avendaño

Doctoral Student, Chemical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

2nd Place

Probing the Effects of Acid Electrolyte Anions on Electrocatalyst Activity and Selectivity for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Jose Zamora Zeledon

Doctoral Candidate, Chemical Engineering

Stanford University

Graduate – Computing

1st Place

HoneyPLC: A Next-generation Honeypot for Industrial Control Systems

Efren Lopez Morales

Doctoral Candidate, CyberSecurity

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

2nd Place

Data Visualizations of Reviews and Ratings on Yelp

Carlier Hernandez

Masters, Computer Engineering

Kean University

3rd Place

Efficient Greedy Algorithm for Virtual Network Function Placement 

Shinaola Agbede

Masters, Computer Science

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Conceptual Abstract

1st Place

Advancing the UI/UX Design for Video Sharing Platforms

Varun Medidi

Senior, Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Kean University

2nd Place

A Music Recommendation System

David Serra

Senior, Computer Science

Kean University

Undergraduate – Math/Science

1st Place

The Impact of CSF and CHI3L1 Expression on Glioblastoma Malignancy (featured poster above)

Victoria Corcino

Senior, Health Sciences

University of Central Florida

2nd Place

Effects of Salvia Hispanica on Bone Metabolic Pathways in Mouse Osteoblastic Cells – a miRNA Analysis

Natasha Garcia-Rodriguez

Senior, Biomedical and Medical Engineering

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Undergraduate – Engineering

1st Place

Bringing Aerospace to K-12 Students Using Nontraditional Applications

Fernando Sesma

Senior, Aerospace Engineering

Texas A&M University

2nd Place

Development of a Leg Motion Intent Classifier Using Brain-Computer Interfaces and Machine Learning

Manuel Umana

Sophomore, Computer Engineering

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

3rd Place

Blockchain-Based Software For Power System Operation Decision-Making 

Brayan Garcia Pong

Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Texas at El Paso

Undergraduate – Computing: Honorable Mentions

Emotion Detection Using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data

Maliha Haider

Sophomore, Computer Science

Kean University

Manipulation of Packet Behavior to Manipulate Smart Device Commands

Aspen Akunne

Senior, Computer Science

Kean University

Undergraduate – Computing

1st Place

Towards Automatic Dysarthric Speech Recognition

Lexdyel J. Mendez

Senior, Computer Science

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

2nd Place

The Use of Swarms for Space Resource Recollection, Scientific Data Release, and Statistics

Juan Ayala

Senior, Computer Science

University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

3rd Place

Web Application for Home Network Vulnerability Scanning and Security Analysis Toolkit

Utku Yurter

Senior, Computer Science

Kean University

GMiS Conference registrants can view the winner’s abstracts and posters via the Conference Portal until December 15, 2021. Congratulations, students!