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Great Minds in STEM is honored to partner with CAHSI for GMiS 2022 Conference

Great Minds in STEM is honored to once again partner with the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI), a GMiS Conference Academic Host, to bring great minds in hacking together in Pasadena this October.

With “Passion & Perseverance” Great Minds in STEM is excited to return to an in-person conference for its 34th annual event, supported by Academic Host CAHSI, taking place October 5-8, 2022 in the beautiful city of roses of Pasadena, CA. 

Here’s what our partnership with this outstanding institution brings to the GMiS 2022, America’s Premiere STEM Career and Awards Conference.


Since 2015, the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) has partnered with the Great Minds in Stem (GMiS) conference, previously known as the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC) conference, to provide students an inspiring experience that lends to student-focused growth and connection building.  From discovering career pathways to learning about internship opportunities, this is an annual event for students in computing or another STEM field.  

CAHSI Summit at the GMiS 2022 Conference

The CAHSI Summit is a series of technical and professional development sessions that engage faculty, students, industry, national labs, and other collaborators.  The CAHSI Summit disseminates effective and promising practices, facilitates connections, prepares students in higher education and productive careers in computing, and promotes strategies that address the advancement of Hispanics in computing. The CAHSI Summit is an excellent opportunity to engage with CAHSI leaders, their student peers, and the broader STEM community.

CAHSI Hackathon

The GMIS Conference also hosts the CAHSI Hackathon, an interactive learning event that distills the essence of many aspects of professional computer security work into a “Capture the Flag” exercise. Students work in teams to solve challenges that test their cybersecurity skills. The event encourages students at all skill levels to participate, promotes teamwork, encourages friendly competition with real-time feedback, and motivates students to learn more on how to protect assets controlled by software.

About the GMiS Conference

A long-standing premier venue where college students and professionals from all under-served communities can network with each other, the GMiS Conference will allow students, including CAHSI attendees, to connect with the companies, government agencies and higher education institutions looking to recruit diverse technical talent. The conference is also the nation’s most prestigious stage for honoring the country’s top STEM talent.  

Join us for an opportunity to build and reinforce networks, engage with colleagues and professionals from across the nation and interact with the brightest STEM college students. 

For more information on the GMiS 2022 Conference, including an agenda of CAHSI-related activities, please visit

Learn more about your company can partner with CAHSI here.