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Over 100 Interview Booths Booked for the 2022 GMiS Conference!

Students majoring in the STEM fields can expect a full house of sponsors ready to hire at the 2022 GMiS Conference, October 5-8 in Pasadena, CA.

The 34th Annual Conference will be packed full of opportunities to engage recruiters and professional engineers and scientists from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and national labs, and academia. Over 100 interview booths have already been reserved – and the conference is still over two months away.

Register today!
The full student registration package is only $150 for the remainder of the summer. But don’t delay – that early-bird rate ends September 16th. The registration portal is open now, so you don’t have to wait until you return to campus for the fall semester to secure your spot in Pasadena.

The 2022 GMiS conference is the ideal venue for students to:

in the Research Poster Competition, Case Study Competition, the scavenger hunt, and an all-new team competition we will announce in August.

with executives and recruiters from industry, government and academia, as well as other STEM college students from across the country.

about cutting-edge technologies and innovations, graduate school opportunities, scholarships, and GMiS’ year-round programs like MentorNet, Viva Technology and our Delegates program.

an internship, a fellowship, an advanced degree opportunity, or your dream job at Saturday’s Career and Graduate Fair.

Register today at