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Former HENAAC Award winner Gustavo Stolovitzky appointed Chief Science Officer of Sema4

Gustavo Stolovitzky, winner of the GMiS 2013 HENAAC “Pioneer Award,” is appointed Chief Science Officer for Sema4, an innovative patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights.

Sema4, an AI-driven genomic and clinical data intelligence platform company, today announced the appointment of Gustavo Stolovitzky, PhD, to the newly established senior leadership position of Chief Science Officer (CSO). Dr. Stolovitzky is a world-renowned expert in computational biology, disease modeling and nano-biotechnology, with over 25 years of experience in high throughput data analysis for biology and the application of technology to solve biomedical problems. At Sema4, he will have a key role in developing the strategic research direction of the company.

“We are extremely excited to have Gustavo joining the Sema4 team. His deep expertise in algorithm development and disease modeling along with his pioneering efforts at objective evaluation of algorithmic accuracy will be key to accelerating the development of our platform of algorithms to help researchers, health systems, providers, and patients translate the information contained in health data into actionable knowledge,” said Eric Schadt, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sema4. “Gustavo will lead the translation of the top-notch research done at our company into future Sema4 products and intensify our collaborative partnerships with health systems and the biopharmaceutical industry.”

Dr. Stolovitzky spent 23 years at IBM Research, where he was appointed IBM Fellow, the highest technical honor bestowed by IBM. His most recent role was the Founding Chair of the Exploratory Life Sciences Program at IBM Research and, previously, he was the Director of the Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology Program. Dr. Stolovitzky has authored more than 180 articles, reviews, and book chapters, and holds over 80 granted patents. He has made important contributions in the field of high throughput data analysis of cancer, neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases, as well as quantitative modeling of key pathways in cancer biology. He is best known as the Founder and Chair Emeritus of the DREAM Challenges, an effort to bring rigor and reproducibility to algorithm development in life sciences through competition-driven problem solving. He nucleated a community of more than 25,000 researchers applying AI to biomedicine and championed the values of open science and data sharing.

“I am elated to join Sema4,” said Dr. Stolovitzky. “Sema4 has a research division composed of top-notch experts developing algorithms and models for precision medicine that I am truly excited to join. With them, and in close collaboration with other parts of the company, we will work tirelessly to make the promise of AI-powered data-driven precision medicine come true.”

Dr. Stolovitzky obtained his MS degree in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires, and his PhD in Engineering and Applied Sciences at Yale University. He completed his post-doctoral trainingat The Rockefeller University. Gustavo has earned several awards, including Yale’s “Henri Prentiss Becton Award”, HENAAC’s “Pioneer Award”, Argentina’s Government “Premio Raíces” and has been elected Fellow of several professional associations, including the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and the International Society for Computational Biology.

Sema4 via Yahoo News

See Dr. Gustavo Stolovitzky’s 2031 acceptance speech for his groundbreaking work at IBM: