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Home » All News » GMiS 2021 STEM Hero Spotlight: Christopher M. Valdez, Ph.D. of AFRL

GMiS 2021 STEM Hero Spotlight: Christopher M. Valdez, Ph.D. of AFRL

Congratulations Christopher M. Valdez, Ph.D. of the Air Force Research Laboratory, recipient of a 2021 STEM Hero Award!

Dr. Christopher M. Valdez is an inspiring leader who has a profound impact in his unit and out in the community. As a distinguished Research Biologist in the Radio Frequency Branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory, he’s a recognized subject matter expert in his field.  His work on neural mechanisms affected by radio frequency energy is essential to the mission of the Department of Defense. This highly complex and dynamic area of work supports the safety and protection of our nation’s warfighters in a variety of uncertain and evolving operational environments, and it’s central to understanding potential adversary effects. 

Dr. Valdez started his career with the U.S. Air Force in 2016 as a Postdoctoral Fellow with fellowships from both the National Research Council and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. After completing his Fellowships in 2018, he transitioned into a civilian position as a Research Biologist in neuroscience. 

Beyond his primary mission, Dr. Valdez also manages the Edison grant, and he founded the Scientific Training to Advance Research Readiness program to increase junior scientist and engineer contributions. Since 2018, he has mentored ten undergraduate students and three military members. Additionally, Dr. Valdez leads several academic collaborations with the University of Texas at San Antonio and Vanderbilt University.   

Dr. Valdez will be featured at “Commitment to Country,” the professional awards showcase on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, during week 2 of the GMIS Conference.