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Maximino Robles

New Mexico State University


Computer Science

Chevron Corporation

As young students, our curiosity attracts us to many educational topics. But for some of us, sometimes one topic sticks to our curiosity as we grow older. For Maximino Robles, technology was the topic that most piqued his interest. As a 2020 Chevron Scholarship recipient at the 2020 GMiS Conference, he is looking forward to graduating in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from New Mexico State University.

Although Maximino’s parents both acquired a college education in Mexico, they felt it was best for him to study in the U.S. So, Maximino was sent to the U.S. by his parents to attend high school and college. He began his education at a military high school, New Mexico Military Institute. At his new high school, Maximino faced countless hurdles. One hurdle was being diagnosed with persistent developmental stuttering, which created a fear of public speaking. With the stuttering came anxiety and the need for meditation. But Maximino powered through this issue to win the school’s Rupert Burton speech competition! In addition to this accomplishment, he was named his squadron’s Sergeant Major, where he was given the leadership to command over two hundred cadets every morning. This leadership opportunity empowered him with the courage to undertake other challenges.

“Technology doesn’t discriminate between background; instead, technology favors anyone willing to work hard enough.”

Maximino’s curiosity for technology began when he was a young student, when he would disassemble computers at home to see how its components worked. Maximino had an older brother who was always interested in programming and shared the same dream of becoming a computer scientist. Maximino was able to learn from his brother and they worked together on personal projects and were able to build a computer from the ground up. Maximino states, “Technology doesn’t discriminate between background; instead, technology favors anyone willing to work hard enough.”

At New Mexico State University, Maximino became a research assistant where he applied his knowledge to helping middle school students in the Verizon Innovative Learning. He taught them about coding and reverse engineering. Besides helping other student learn, he continued to absorb more knowledge as an Incoming Systems Engineer for Northrop Grumman. At Northrop Grumman, he had the opportunity to work on implementing a vulnerability protection plan and a technology readiness assessment.

GMiS is proud to support Maximino’s educational endeavors as he pursues his thirst for knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge as a rising STEM professional role model